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    Broadband in Wiltshire

    Avg. DownloadAvg. UploadAvailability
    Gigaclear1000 Mbps1000 Mbps2.9%
    Virgin Media362 Mbps20 Mbps14.2%
    Gigaclear1000 Mbps1000 Mbps2.9%
    Sky72 Mbps17 Mbps66.2%
    BT53 Mbps12 Mbps99.3%
    Plusnet53 Mbps12 Mbps99.3%
    EE72 Mbps17 Mbps66.2%
    NOW Broadband72 Mbps17 Mbps66.2%
    TalkTalk72 Mbps17 Mbps66.2%
    Vodafone72 Mbps17 Mbps66.2%

    Wiltshire is ranked the 50th best area for mobile coverage in the UK out of 96 areas

    Average Broadband Speeds Over Time in Wiltshire

    YearWiltshire AverageUnited Kingdom AverageDifference
    201823.27 Mbps26.22 Mbps11.25% Slower
    201927.60 Mbps31.42 Mbps12.16% Slower
    202045.67 Mbps45.53 Mbps0.31% Faster
    202161.20 Mbps60.62 Mbps0.96% Faster
    202287.94 Mbps84.65 Mbps3.89% Faster
    202344.39 Mbps95.77 Mbps53.65% Slower

    Summary of Broadband Providers in Wiltshire

    #Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range
    1M12 Solutions Ltd903.26 Mbps93.87-285.85 Mbps
    2Solway Communications Limited434.68 Mbps116.29-265.07 Mbps
    3Merula Limited163.26 Mbps163.26-163.26 Mbps
    4Infinity Developments Limited285.47 Mbps128.53-194.66 Mbps
    5Gigaclear PLC759.92 Mbps47.01-318.86 Mbps
    6Switch IP Ltd900.32 Mbps41.24-164.39 Mbps
    7Exponential-E Ltd.168.87 Mbps47.95-166.35 Mbps
    8Akamai Technologies, Inc.801.60 Mbps56.12-156.91 Mbps
    9Hutchison 3G UK Limited1712.02 Mbps44.77-394.89 Mbps
    10Cerberus Networks Ltd532.74 Mbps93.23-523.52 Mbps
    11ENTANET International Limited227.81 Mbps36.10-93.74 Mbps
    12Vodafone Group PLC91.14 Mbps91.14-91.14 Mbps
    13Wavenet Limited115.54 Mbps69.55-88.27 Mbps
    14Wessex Internet Limited576.83 Mbps40.66-171.01 Mbps
    15Jisc Services Limited210.30 Mbps47.12-173.54 Mbps
    16Persimmon Homes Ltd.250.06 Mbps36.44-122.41 Mbps
    17Zen Internet Ltd917.91 Mbps36.25-353.82 Mbps
    18Virgin Media Limited933.57 Mbps27.28-134.45 Mbps
    19Pulsant (Scotland) Ltd164.00 Mbps20.36-112.43 Mbps
    20Link Connect Services Ltd62.64 Mbps62.64-62.64 Mbps

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