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    About Sky Broadband

    Sky is one of the “Big Four” broadband providers (the others being Virgin Media, TalkTalk and BT). Between them the Big Four provide more than 90% of UK broadband connections.

    Sky is renowned for it’s comprehensive TV services, but also provides a wide range of complementary broadband services.

    Sky Broadband Average Broadband Speeds Over Time

    YearSky Broadband AverageUnited Kingdom AverageDifference
    201813.22 Mbps26.22 Mbps49.58% Slower
    201918.04 Mbps31.42 Mbps42.58% Slower
    202025.54 Mbps45.53 Mbps43.91% Slower
    202134.21 Mbps60.62 Mbps43.57% Slower
    202247.65 Mbps84.65 Mbps43.71% Slower
    202356.02 Mbps95.77 Mbps41.51% Slower
    Why choose Sky Broadband?

    If you are a home entertainment nut, then Sky can offer you everything.

    If TV sports are your thing, again, Sky has probably the best of what you expect to watch.

    If you want everything from one supplier (TV, Phone, Mobile, Broadband) for a single payment then Sky will suit you down to the ground.

    What types of broadband do Sky Broadband offer?

    Sky broadband only offer fibre optic services from FTTC broadband (also known as Superfast broadband) all the way up to full fibre optic (also known as Ultrafast broadband).

    Sky only offers lower ADSL services if fibre optic technology isn’t available in your area. This affects a smaller and smaller number of households as the UK broadband network is upgraded. So for the rest of this guide we won’t refer to ADSL for Sky Broadband.

    What’s good about Sky Broadband?

    As the one of the UK’s biggest broadband supplier then you can be rest assured that they are unlikely to go out of business and leave you in limbo.

    They score well for customer service and satisfaction.

    Probably the best supplier for TV packages in terms if choice and depth, especially for sports coverage.

    You can bundle in broadband, TV, phone and mobile for good discounts.

    What’s bad about Sky Broadband?

    They don’t have the cheapest prices available. 

    Some TV deals require a satellite dish.

    How good is Sky Broadband Customer service?

    In the 2022 Ofcom Customer Service report Sky were ranked third place broadband provider for satisfaction with service overall (behind BT in first place and EE in second) and also the second ranked for overall satisfaction with complaint handling.

    Only 16% of customers had a reason to complain, which was the best score of any provider and much lower than the average broadband supplier (20%).

    How do I contact Sky Broadband Customer Support?

    You can contact Sky Customer support by phone on 03337 590 413.

    You can also use the live online chat service on the Sky website.

    Alternatively you can contact them on twitter using the @SkyHelpTeam account.

    What speeds does Sky Broadband offer?

    As Sky only offer fibre optic deals then you won’t see very slow speeds, their FTTC deals start from around 36Mbps average.

    At the top end they offer 500Mbps with their fibre optic packages.

    Is set-up easy with Sky Broadband?

    Set up will depend on a few factors:

    • Whether you are moving to a new property
    • If your property already has the correct type of line installed (e.g. if there is fibre optic cable installed or not). If you don’t have the right line already then you’ll need an engineer to visit to install it.

    It usually takes 1-2 weels for new customers to get setup. Existing customers switching to a new deal may find it will only take a day or two to switch,

    How can I check Sky Broadband coverage and availability in my area?

    You can check Sky Broadband availability by putting in your postcode (or the name of your city, town or village) in the Sky Broadband coverage checker at the top of this page

    Do I need a landline to get Sky Broadband?

    This will depend on the type of broadband you can get at your property.

    If you choose, or are only able to get, older types of broadband such as ADSL or FTTC then you will also need a phone landline as well, as these types of broadband rely on the copper cable phone line to operate.

    If you in an area where full fibre is available then you will be able to choose a fibre optic broadband deal which won’t require a landline.

    What Sky Broadband deals are available?

    Sky have a wide and regularly changed selection of deals as they sell such a wide variety of broadband types and also offer many addons such as phone packages and TV deals.

    You can get broadband only deals as well as TV bundle deals.

    Does Sky Broadband offer social tariffs?

    Sky do offer special discounted packages for people in receipt of certain benefits who are existing Sky customers who are struggling with their bills.

    If you receive any of the following benefits:

    • Income-based Jobseekers Allowance
    • Income Support
    • Pension Credit
    • Universal Credit
    • Income-based Employment & Support Allowance

    then you will be eligible, you will need to contact Sky customer services if you are eligible ane what to move your existing Sky Broadband connection to the social tariff.

    There are no social tariffs with Sky for new customers.

    Can I get TV packages with Sky Broadband?

    Sky are probably the original bundlers of TV with broadband in the UK.

    You can get a huge range of TV packages depending on what channels you want and how much you want to spend.

    As well as Sky channels this also includes apps such as Netflix and Disney+. 

    You can even add BT Sport (at a cost!).

    Are Sky Broadband owned by another company?

    Sky Broadband are not owned by any other broadband provider.

    Sky use the Openreach network which has the biggest geographical reach in the UK.

    As such Sky Broadband is one of the most widely available UK broadband providers.

    How do I switch to Sky Broadband?

    In 2023 the ‘One Touch Switch’ process launched in the UK. This makes the switching process between broadband suppliers incredibly simple and seamless.

    All you need to do is sign up with Sky for a new service and they will handle the switch for you. 

    There is no need to contact your old supplier, the transfer away from them and the cancelling of your old contract will be handled for you automatically.

    How long does switching to Sky Broadband take?

    The time to switch will vary depending on what type of broadband you are switching from and to. 

    You will be informed at the time of sign up what the estimated switch date will be.

    How long are Sky Broadband contracts?

    Sky Broadband contracts minimum terms vary between 12 and 18 months in length depending on the exact deal you choose.