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    About Plusnet Broadband

    Plusnet is one of the most popular and well known broadband providers in the UK.

    Formed in 1997 in Sheffield as a dialup internet provider they have grown steadily and were purchased by BT Group in 2007.

    They play on their northern heritage to offer sensible honest broadband at a decent price.

    They aim to provide no frills broadband with great customer service at a low price.

    Why choose Plusnet Broadband?

    Plusnet offer wide availability, have a varied range of packages, good speeds and score well for customer satisfaction. 

    They are very well priced.

    What types of broadband do Plusnet Broadband offer?

    Plusnet offer a wide range of broadband types, from basic ADSL broadband which offers very low (by today’s standards) speeds, FTTC broadband (also known as Superfast broadband) all the way up to full fibre optic (also known as Ultrafast broadband).

    What’s good about Plusnet Broadband?

    Very competitive pricing.

    Decent customer service.

    What’s bad about Plusnet Broadband?

    They aren’t the fastest supplier, you can get faster deals if speed is your thing.

    They don’t offer TV packages, so if you want to get everything in one place they aren’t the provider for you.

    How good is Plusnet Broadband Customer service?

    In the 2022 Ofcom Customer Service report Plusnet were ranked as the 4th ranked broadband provider for satisfaction with service overall (behind BT, EE and Sky), and the top joint 6th ranked for overall satisfaction with complaint handling.

    Only 20% of customers had a reason to complain, which is ranked as the same as the average broadband supplier (20%).

    How do I contact Plusnet Broadband Customer Support?

    You can contact Plusnet Customer support by phone on 0800 432 0200.

    You can also contact them on Twitter @Plusnet

    What speeds does Plusnet Broadband offer?

    As Plusnet offer such a wide variety of deals using a number of different broadband technologies then the speeds they offer also vary a great deal.

    At the top end they offer 500Mbps+ with their fibre optic services.

    If you are one of the very few people in the UK who can only get very basic ADSL broadband services then you can expect average speeds as low as 10Mbps.

    Is set-up easy with Plusnet Broadband?

    Set up will depend on a few factors:

    • Whether you are moving to a new property
    • If your property already has the correct type of line installed (e.g. if there is fibre optic cable installed or not). If you don’t have the right line already then you’ll need an engineer to visit to install it.

    It usually takes 1-2 weeks for new customers to get setup. Existing customers switching to a new deal may find it will only take a day or two to switch.

    How can I check Plusnet Broadband coverage and availability in my area?

    You can check Plusnet Broadband availability by putting in your postcode (or the name of your city, town or village) in the Plusnet Broadband coverage checker at the top of this page

    Do I need a landline to get Plusnet Broadband?

    This will depend on the type of broadband you can get at your property.

    If you choose, or are only able to get, older types of broadband such as ADSL or FTTC then you will also need a phone landline as well, as these types of broadband rely on the copper cable phone line to operate.

    If you are in an area where full fibre is available then you will be able to choose a fibre optic broadband deal which won’t require a landline.

    What Plusnet Broadband deals are available?

    Plusnet deals are focussed on price and speed, the faster the speed you go for the more the price will be.

    They don’t offer TV channels or other bundling, other than landline phone calls.

    Does Plusnet Broadband offer social tariffs?

    Plusnet do not offer social tariffs.

    Can I get TV packages with Plusnet Broadband?

    Plusnet don’t offer any specific TV packages. If you want to bundle in TV services then you need to look at providers such as Sky, Virgin Media, BT, TalkTalk and NOW Broadband.

    Are Plusnet Broadband owned by another company?

    Plusnet Broadband are owned by BT Group, who also own Openreach who build and own the Openreach network which has the biggest geographical reach in the UK.

    As such Plusnet Broadband is one of the most widely available UK broadband providers.

    How do I switch to Plusnet Broadband?

    In 2023 the ‘One Touch Switch’ process launched in the UK. This makes the switching process between broadband suppliers incredibly simple and seamless.

    All you need to do is sign up with Plusnet for a new service and they will handle the switch for you. 

    There is no need to contact your old supplier, the transfer away from them and the canceling of your old contract will be handled for you automatically.

    How long does switching to Plusnet Broadband take?

    The time to switch will vary depending on what type of broadband you are switching from and to. 

    You will be informed at the time of sign up what the estimated switch date will be.

    How long are Plusnet Broadband contracts?

    Plusnet Broadband contracts are between 18 and 24 months long.