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    About Gigaclear Broadband

    Gigaclear broadband are a specialist ultrafast fibre optic broadband supplier.

    They specialise in rolling out fibre optic networks in rural areas that are not well served by traditional broadband.

    They only cover a very small area of the UK, mainly in rural southern England.

    Gigaclear Average Broadband Speeds Over Time

    YearGigaclear AverageUnited Kingdom AverageDifference
    201876.38 Mbps26.22 Mbps191.3% Faster
    201994.85 Mbps31.42 Mbps201.88% Faster
    2020120.58 Mbps45.53 Mbps164.84% Faster
    2021142.92 Mbps60.62 Mbps135.76% Faster
    2022157.14 Mbps84.65 Mbps85.63% Faster
    2023163.97 Mbps95.77 Mbps71.21% Faster
    Why choose Gigaclear Broadband?

    If you are in an area served by Gigaclear then they will be the fastest supplier available to you by far.

    What types of broadband do Gigaclear Broadband offer?

    Gigaclear only offer full fibre optic broadband (also known as Ultrafast broadband).

    What’s good about Gigaclear Broadband?

    Amazing speeds.

    What’s bad about Gigaclear Broadband?

    Very limited coverage areas.

    Not the cheapest option.

    How good is Gigaclear Broadband Customer service?

    Gigaclear are too small a supplier to have been covered by Ofcom's customer service reports.

    How do I contact Gigaclear Broadband Customer Support?

    You can contact Gigaclear Customer support by phone on 03708 637 606.

    You can also contact email them at

    What speeds does Gigaclear Broadband offer?

    Gigaclear offer speeds of up to 900Mbps+

    Is set-up easy with Gigaclear Broadband?

    Set up will depend on a few factors:

    • Whether you are moving to a new property
    • If your property already has the correct type of line installed (e.g. if there is fibre optic cable installed or not). If you don’t have the right line already then you’ll need an engineer to visit to install it.

    Gigaclear will normally send a surveyor out to your property to check they can get a cable to your property and how to route it.

    How can I check Gigaclear Broadband coverage and availability in my area?

    You can check Gigaclear Broadband availability by putting in your postcode (or the name of your city, town or village) in the Gigaclear Broadband coverage checker at the top of this page

    Do I need a landline to get Gigaclear Broadband?

    You won’t need a landline phone, but you will need a fibre optic cable installing if there isn’t already one installed.

    What Gigaclear Broadband deals are available?

    Gigaclear offer a number of different deals, the faster the speed you want the more you will pay.

    Does Gigaclear Broadband offer social tariffs?

    Gigaclear do not offer social tariffs. 

    However, they do offer community buildings like village halls, youth and sports clubs free connections if they are in a Gigaclear area.

    Can I get TV packages with Gigaclear Broadband?

    Gigaclear don’t offer any specific TV packages. If you want to bundle in TV services then you need to look at providers such as Sky, Virgin Media, BT, TalkTalk and NOW Broadband.

    Are Gigaclear Broadband owned by another company?

    No, they are an independent supplier.

    How long are Gigaclear Broadband contracts?

    Gigaclear Broadband contracts are 18 months long.