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    Broadband in Leicestershire

    Avg. DownloadAvg. UploadAvailability
    Gigaclear1000 Mbps1000 Mbps1.9%
    Virgin Media362 Mbps20 Mbps23.0%
    Gigaclear1000 Mbps1000 Mbps1.9%
    Sky77 Mbps19 Mbps84.3%
    BT69 Mbps16 Mbps97.8%
    Plusnet69 Mbps16 Mbps97.8%
    EE77 Mbps19 Mbps84.3%
    NOW Broadband77 Mbps19 Mbps84.3%
    TalkTalk77 Mbps19 Mbps84.3%
    Vodafone77 Mbps19 Mbps84.3%

    Leicestershire is ranked the 27th best area for mobile coverage in the UK out of 96 areas

    Average Broadband Speeds Over Time in Leicestershire

    YearLeicestershire AverageUnited Kingdom AverageDifference
    201827.06 Mbps26.22 Mbps3.2% Faster
    201935.68 Mbps31.42 Mbps13.56% Faster
    202058.65 Mbps45.53 Mbps28.82% Faster
    202150.37 Mbps60.62 Mbps16.91% Slower
    202269.73 Mbps84.65 Mbps17.63% Slower
    2023108.12 Mbps95.77 Mbps12.9% Faster

    Summary of Broadband Providers in Leicestershire

    #Provider NameMax SpeedTypical Speed Range
    1RM Education Ltd372.12 Mbps235.27-326.50 Mbps
    2Daisy Communications Ltd904.28 Mbps71.04-279.06 Mbps
    3ITS Technology Group Limited905.85 Mbps92.45-790.18 Mbps
    4Timico Limited181.34 Mbps153.61-171.16 Mbps
    5Bistech Managed Services Ltd171.64 Mbps134.24-168.45 Mbps
    6Infinity Developments Limited150.65 Mbps150.65-150.65 Mbps
    7Virtual1 Limited181.82 Mbps74.56-172.03 Mbps
    8Spitfire Network Services Limited363.07 Mbps46.05-187.68 Mbps
    9ClaraNET LTD214.13 Mbps18.93-193.76 Mbps
    10Hurricane Electric LLC119.63 Mbps119.63-119.63 Mbps
    11Akamai Technologies, Inc.634.05 Mbps61.16-166.78 Mbps
    12Zen Internet Ltd547.17 Mbps47.37-187.12 Mbps
    13Hutchison 3G UK Limited810.05 Mbps44.12-172.15 Mbps
    14GTT Communications Inc.98.40 Mbps83.66-93.49 Mbps
    15Link Connect Services Ltd87.68 Mbps87.68-87.68 Mbps
    16Virgin Media Limited1122.29 Mbps27.69-171.04 Mbps
    17Sprint80.36 Mbps80.36-80.36 Mbps
    18NTT America, Inc.226.67 Mbps26.36-98.19 Mbps
    19IIJ Europe Limited80.56 Mbps70.90-77.34 Mbps
    20WEBINTHEBOX LIMITED196.30 Mbps26.83-83.58 Mbps

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