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    Standard20 Mbps1 Mbps

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    BT20 Mbps1 Mbps
    Plusnet20 Mbps1 Mbps
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    Partial coverage
    No coverage
    SuperfastNot yet available in this area
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    UltrafastNot yet available in this area
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    Ashbourne is a Town in Derbyshire, East Midlands, England.

    The results above are for the postcode DE6 1GH in Ashbourne, broadband availability can vary by postcode so for more exact results search for your exact postcode.

    Ashbourne, Derbyshire

    Ashbourne is a market town in the Derbyshire Dales, England. It has a population of 7,112. It contains many historical buildings and many independent shops and is famous for its historic annual Shrovetide football match.

    Due to its proximity to the southern edge of the Peak District and being the closest town to the popular area of Dovedale, the town is known as both the 'Gateway to Dovedale' and the 'Gateway to the Peak District'.

    What these results mean

    The table above shows what types of broadband are available in your postcode area, and gives estimated download and upload speeds for each type.

    If you have a green tick for a type of broadband then it should be available to all properties in your area, an orange circle means that some of the properties in can get this service. A red cross means this type of broadband is not available in your area (though you can sign up to be notified when your area is enabled for faster broadband by filling in the form above).

    Standard Broadband

    Offering download speeds of up to 24Mbps, standard broadband is considered the slow by today’s standards. This type of broadband is usually delivered over a standard BT copper telephone line. The actual speed of this broadband in a postcode area is determined by how far it is from the nearest telephone exchange. The further away, the slower the maximum download speed. Upload speeds for standard broadband max out at 1Mbps, very slow indeed. The most common types of standard broadband are ADSL, ADSLMax and ADSL2+.

    Superfast Broadband

    The term Superfast Broadband covers a few different technologies, but what they have in common is that it covers max speeds over 24Mbps and up to 200Mbps.

    The most common superfast broadband is Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) broadband which your local street cabinet that your BT copper phone line connects to is connected to a fibre optic cable which gets over the distance problems of ADSL.

    Other types include some Fibre To The Property (FTTP) connections with speeds up to 200Mbps and Virgin Media’s Fibre Optic services with speeds up to 200Mbps.

    Ultrafast Broadband

    The very fastest broadband available is ultrafast broadband, this covers any service that is 200Mbps or faster. The very fastest services over 1Gbps speeds for both downloads and uploads (that’s over 40 times faster than the very fastest standard broadband download speeds).

    Almost all Ultrafast services rely on Fibre Optic technology. Most over Fibre To The Property (FTTP). Also included are Virgin Media’s Fibre Optic services with speeds over 200Mbps

    When you sign up with a broadband provider for a new connection they will provide you with an estimated download speed that you should expect from them.